The storage tanks that are made up of polypropylene are highly recommended to be used when chemicals are to be stored at very high temperature. Polypropylene is mostly used to make plastic tanks that are both cost effective and durable. In addition to this, the fluid holding capacity is also great without having any leakage problem. The tank we provide are designed by experts and supplied to various states of India. We fabricate these tanks from homopolymer and copolymer sheets which are acquired from highly renowned retailers.

We are widely applauded as the manufacturer and supplier of polypropylene storage tanks as they are consistent in the performance and are highly durable. They are available in various shapes and size according to the filling capacities requested by the client. The range lies from 100 liter to 35000 liters. We weld the joints accurately to give longer life and stronger joints.

Polypropylene Storage Tank

Special features

  • Impact resistant
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Easy modification
  • High temperature bearing capacity
  • Economic
  • Strong body