PCB is used in circuits so it is a necessary for the boards to be made corrosion resistant. For plating these PCB we provide special tanks and plants in which they are plated uniformly. These pc plating tanks are made from polypropylene non sticky materials that make them long lasting and corrosion resistant. They are developed under latest RITA software to ensure perfectness in the tanks. The welding of these plating tanks is done with German Wegner welding machine that performs according to the international standards.

We manufacture the PCB plating tank under the supervision of experts and fabricated from the best quality materials. These tanks are welded under accurate precision.

We have a special team of experts that handle all the processes from material selection to final delivery of the plating tank.The tanks are made under the standard specification of the industries, but we also provide modification in the PCB plating tank as per the requirement of the client that are suitable to their needs.

Advantages of Tanks

  • Environment friendly
  • Long lasting and corrosion resistant
  • Customizable features and size
  • Better reliability and cleaning
  • Advanced technology
  • Maintenance free