Pickling is a process to remove impurities like stains or rust from metal surface. We provide a wide range of pickling tanks that are used for performing the pickling process in the industries. These tanks contain strong acidic liquids to remove dirt from the surface of the metals. We plan and construct these tanks under the fume exhaust system. Wide range of size of tanks like length and height is available. The maximum length of these tanks is 40 meters.

Some additional features like heating and circulation system are also available in the tanks. The tanks are made up of thermoplastic and welded with hot gas extrusion method. The fume extraction system used in it makes the tank environment friendly and avoids the corrosion process. As a manufacturer of pickling tanks manufacturer we make sure that they last for longer time and they are leak proof to avoid the spilling of acidic liquid used for pickling.

We provide a wide range of pickling tanks like:

Acid Pickling Tank

Wire Rod Pickling Tank

Bright Bar Pickling Tank

PP Pickling Tank

Batch Pickling Tank

Rectangular Pickling Tank

Power Transmission Pickling Tank