Scaffolding are the structure that is normally used in construction, maintenance  and repair of various architectural structures. They are generally ledger, transom, coupler, scaffold tie and brackets. We are the top manufacturer of scaffolding pickling plant. These plants are precisely to make to pickle the scaffold and remove all the impurities and rust from them as they need to be in accurate dimension and state. They are constructed using high grade materials to provide the best quality of plants.

The whole structure is constructed and joined using the most advanced welding technology so that each joint is perfectly mended. The plant is resistant to corrosion and gives longer durability. As the liquids filled in tank are acidic, the plant is so made that there is no leakage and is safe for the employees to use. We provide various dimensions of pickling tanks to pickle the scaffold in the plants. We even modify the plant in dimension, shape and size as per the need of the scaffold.

Special features

  • Robust structure
  • Least maintenance
  • High performance
  • Leak proof
  • Smooth structure
  • Corrosion resistant