Our products range includes a wide range of frp storage tanks, frp chemical storage tanks and frp underground water storage tanks. The frp storage tanks is made from thermoplastic sheets as per client requirements. These tanks are specifically used as industrial containers serving the most general purposes.  Our given frp chemical storage tanks and frp underground water storage tanks are comprehensively renowned in a few commercial enterprises for their quality and superb solidness. We are one of the leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of frp storage tanks and frp chemical storage tanks in Japan. We offer frp storage tanks in very affordable price at Japan and other country. We export our products according to the request of clients. Frp storage tanks supplier, manufacturer and exported are to significant areas of Japan for example Tokyo, Yokohama  , Osaka, Nagoya, Sapporo, Fukuoka, Kobe, Kawasaki, Kyoto, Saitama and some other state.

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